14 - 16 Nov. 2018
Vilnius, Lithuania
IESMA 2018
Doctrine and Concept Development Division
NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

IESMA 2018

 The conference and industrial exhibition “Innovative Energy Solutions for Military Applications” (IESMA 2018) will take place on 14-16th* November, 2018 in Vilnius Lithuania.

With more than 400 participants and over 35 companies exhibiting in 2016, IESMA is becoming a leading event in the field of energy efficiency for military.

IESMA 2018 aims to enable the information exchange on best practices and technologies for advancing energy efficiency in the military. It will bring together numerous experts from military, industry and academia and create the platform to present the expertise, discuss lessons learned. IESMA 2018 industrial exhibition will offer an opportunity for companies to present their innovative energy efficiency technology.

This event is organised by the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence in cooperation with State Military Scientific Technical Center "DELTA" of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia.

To learn more visit the IESMA 2018 page.

*16 November 2018 - closed governmental session.



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