20 - 24 Sep. 2021
Vilnius, Lithuania
Table Top Exercise Coherent Resilience 2021 Baltic (CORE 21-B)
NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

Table Top Exercise Coherent Resilience 2021 Baltic (CORE 21-B)

Table Top Exercise Coherent Resilience 2021 Baltic (CORE 21-B)

The regional Table Top Exercise (TTX) Coherent Resilience 2021 Baltics (CORE 21-B) is being organized by the NATO ENSEC COE and the European Commission, Joint Research Centre at the request of Ministries or Defense, Energy and Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania.

CORE 21-B is the second co-sponsored NATO ENSEC COE and JRC exercise. The focus of the TTX is resilience of electricity supply in the Baltic States against cyber and hybrid attacks and the Baltic electricity grid synchronization to Continental European system in 2025. The invited participants are electricity system transmission operators, national authorities in the field of energy, national defense and foreign affairs, EU and international institutions, other stakeholders from the Baltic States, Finland, Poland and Sweden.  

CORE 21-B is meant to strengthen relations between NATO and EU in the energy security and resilience area. Additionally, the TTX is foreseen as an opportunity to enhance co-operation between the Baltic States in order to increase resilience of the electricity supply system and common understanding of the possible threats of using a non-safe nuclear power plant. Finally, this exercise will help to identify areas of further improvements or weaknesses in the existing procedures and plans, promote cooperation between the EC and NATO under specific crisis situations.

The exercise planning began in the summer of 2020. The execution of the exercise is currently projected to take place in September 2021.

The Initial Planning Conference (IPC) was held on 15-16 December 2020 in a virtual platform.

The Main Planning Conference (MPC) was held on 25-26 May 2021, followed by a final Vignettes and Injects Development Workshop on 27 May 2021. These events were held in a mixed mode: both in-person and online. During the MPC outcomes of the Initial Planning Conference (IPC) were reviewed, and the scenario, design, timeline and venue of the exercise were presented to the main stakeholders. During the Workshop, corrections and inputs were added by the participants to the scenario, vignettes and injects drafts, which are to be finalized by the Core Planning Lead Team and presented in Final Coordination Conference.

This TTX is part of the CORE series exercises which started in 2014. 

The focus of these exercises is on the resilience of energy infrastructure and energy supply in a range of regions and countries.

CORE 14, CORE 16, and CORE 19 (completed) focus on the Baltic States.

CORE 17 and CORE 20 (in planning) focus on Ukraine.

CORE 21 G (in planning) focus on Georgia and the Caucasus region.


Table Top Exercise Coherent Resilience 2021 Baltic (CORE 21-B)

Vilnius, Lithuania