01 - 31 Mar. 2022
NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence
The assessment of EnMS at DFI
NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence
NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

The assessment of EnMS at DFI

Since 2012, the activities of NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence (NATO ENSEC COE) have highlighted the need for collecting and analyzing the information and the better practices on the activities related to defence energy management in the military forces of the NATO Member States (MS) and particularly, to the energy management related information of deployed forces’ infrastructures (DFI).

To assist NATO ENSEC COE in collecting the information on energy management at deployed force infrastructures (DFI), NATO MS are kindly requested to fill in the Questionnaire i.

The objective of this request is to collect the information related to energy management systems used by the deployed forces of the NATO MS that would enable the NATO ENSEC COE to:

  1. Prepare the Report on Energy management systems that are used by the NATO MS at deployed force infrastructures;
  2. Promote the exchange of relevant information and to foster the benchmarking and knowledge sharing initiatives;-Inform the wider society of the NATO MS MoDs efforts to enhance energy efficiency and energy resilience;
  3. To stimulate the interest of relevant NATO bodies, academia and businesses to reflect on available information and data and propose novel managerial, technological, and behavioral solutions.

This EnMS data collection initiative is a part of NATO ENSEC COE program of work package related to development of NATO Operational Energy Concept.

The NATO ENSEC COE will publish only the accumulated information confirmed as publicly available by NATO stakeholders. NATO ENSCEC COE will manage all the collected data in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 2018/1725. The information on data protection can be obtained here (


NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence

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