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NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

Analyst for usage of Hybrid Power Generation System

DIVISION: Doctrine and Concept Development Division.

SUPERVISOR: Subject Matter Expert.

START DATE: May-June 2018

OPEN UNTIL: May 18, 2018.

Tasks of the Intern:

1. Analysing and organizing technical data related to the usage of the Hybrid Power Generation System (HPGS) during the last two years deployments in military camps;

2. Measuring and analysing financial and operational performances of the Hybrid Power Generation System (HPGS)’s usage;

3. Analysing similar generator units currently present on the military and civilian market.

 For this position bachelor degree in engineering, energy management, power generation or related field would be preffered.

Other desirabilities: fluently English (speaking and writing), avanced skills of MS Office. 

 The start of the Internship will be in May 2018. 

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Assistant of Project Lead

DIVISION:  Doctrine and Concept Development Division. 

SUPERVISOR: Project Lead.

START DATE:  June 2018 

OPEN UNTIL:  29 June, 2018. 

Tasks of the Intern:

To support the implementation, organization and management of the conference and exhibition "Innovative Energy Solution for Military Application" (IESMA), which will take place on 14-16 November 2018, specifically:


1. Assisting speakers and moderators with their travel and accomodation arrangements; 


2. Assisting speakers and moderators with their expenses reimbursement claims and managing their in processing;


3. Assisting exhibitors with neccesary arrangements; 


4. Performing other requiered tasks related to timely impletentation of IESMA; 


5. Assisting the Project Lead with other support that will be needed for timely implementation of IESMA. 


For this position good skills of English, accuracy, diligence, communicative would be desired.

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Internship program at the NATO ENSEC COE

Starting from 2013 the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence is providing a limited number of internships to young researchers from universities and research institutes. This internship programme will promote the respective work of young academics and professionals from NATO member states and partner countries.

Main intern responsibilities

Interns are invited to join the daily life of the NATO ENSEC COE and work with different projects. Depending from the Division they will be assigned to, interns will have to do research papers, write articles, participate and organize conferences, workshops, meetings, etc. ENSEC COE is looking for young experts from these areas: interrnational relations, communication, legal affairs, marketing, engineering and other programs, relevant to security or energy.

Duration: 4 months

Engagement: Full-time

Candidates requirements: from NATO and NATO Partnership for Peace programme countries.

Payment: not paid

Insurance: upon responsibility of intern (to be submitted)

Accommodation: upon responsibility of the intern (to be proved)