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Tesla battery in Australia has proven to be helpful during energy disruptions

2018.01.11 The battery has smoothed out at least two major energy outages, responding even more quickly than the coal-fired back-ups that were supposed to provide emergency power.

Microgrids as a future energy security failsafe – theory put into practice

2018.01.08 The essential buildings of towns are now the focused on to provide resilient power systems in emergency situations. A new fleet of microgrids will bring together various energy systems and control technologies to disconnect critical buildings from...

Russia remains the top supplier of the EU in the third quarter of 2017 - the Europen Commission 3rd Quarter Gas...

2018.01.02 In the first nine months of 2017, Russian imports were 14% higher than in the same period of 2016, suggesting that 2017 could become a record year for Russian gas supplies to Europe.

Central and South Eastern Europe on a path of energy independence after a new EU investment

2017.12.21 The EU will invest €101.4 million in the construction of the LNG terminal in Krk, Croatia. The EU is committed to building missing energy infrastructure links and ensuring that every EU country has access to at least three different sources of gas.

Baltic States energy synchronization – a step towards better European energy security

2017.12.20 The Baltic States’ electricity grid operates in a synchronous mode with non-EU systems. The synchronisation with the European grid will bring closer a fully functioning and connected internal energy market and increase the European Union’s energy...