NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

BAE Systems award presented to the NATO ENSEC COE team member

Last week the members of UK Energy Behaviour team as well as belonging to the group of the NATO ENSEC COE energy management project won a BAE Systems Chairman’s Award.

Within the NATO ENSEC COE project, three approaches to offer a multi-disciplinary approach to energy management are being used: the UK behaviour change methodology, in combination with energy metering, and the ISO 50001 guidance. In a category of “Exceeding Customer Expectations” which recognises efforts that have delivered benefit and strengthened trust above and beyond agreed commitments, the project was nominated for “Powering Performance through People”. In this case the project exploited human behavioural science research to develop a simple, seven-step systematic process, with an associated toolkit and training course, to enable MOD non-behavioural specialists to develop effective low-cost multi-intervention energy saving approaches within their own organization.

The multidisciplinary EMMEE approach includes applying military engineering, management consultancy, behaviour change expertise to interpret ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 50001 Energy management system and develop practical recommendations for how to implement it in a more efficient way. The process is focused on three main points: Capability, Opportunity, and Motivation (COM-B). The combination of ISO 50001 and COM:B can be used to test and discover if an energy management model can be able to improve energy efficiency in the sustainment of military compounds.