NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

“Climate Trial” of the Hybrid Power Generation and Management System in Canada

Hybrid Power Generation and Management System project (HPGS) originally was developed at 2015. NATO ENSEC COE, Canadian Armed Forces and Lithuanian Armed Forces agreed to cooperate and to develop such prototype, and to test it in military operation environment. Furthermore, Canadian Armed Forces have set a clear strategic goal - to reduce dependency of fossil fuels on both international and domestic operations by improving the energy efficiency of its infrastructure. Such requirement included the usage of renewable energy sources and new technologies. For this reason Canadian Government provided funding and asked NATO ENSEC COE to develop the concept and supervise HPGS project.

Since 2016 Hybrid Power Generation and Management System was tested and used by Lithuanian Armed Forces with NATO ENSEC COE oversight. HPGS was used in a range of multinational exercises, such as Capable Logistician, Iron Sword and others. This unique system provided a demonstration of the possibility for better energy efficiency achievement and has set an example for NATO allies all around the world.

Currently HPGS is provided to the Canadian Armed Forces to test the prototype in extreme cold weather environment. For this “Climate Trial” the HPGS was shipped to Canada. The main aim is to determine the potential applicability of HPGS technologies in cold, inclement environments. This trial will allow to identify potential technical issues that could be encountered when the HPGS is being operated in such extreme environment, also will dictate possible solutions that will allow to counter cold weather challenges.

Hybrid Power Generation and Management System uses conventional fuel and renewable sources, such as wind or solar energy. The electricity power obtained through renewable sources is charged into batteries for storing it there. The system is used to improve energy efficiency and diminish dependence from conventional power sources. It is capable of supplying power to a battalion-sized unit.


HPGS Performance Analysis - PHASE 1 Report can be downloaded from here: https://enseccoe.org/data/public/uploads/2019/03/phase-1-report-hpgs-performance-analysis.pdf