NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

Coherent Resilience 2019 - post exercise discussion

Today the Post Exercise Discussion (PXD) for Tabletop Exercise Coherent Resilience 2019 (CORE19) was conducted at Elering AS premises in Tallinn, Estonia.

The PXD is the forum for active discussion among participants after the exercise, while thoughts and impressions are still fresh. The aim of a PXD is to: benefit from the exchange of viewpoints and ideas with other participants; discuss the performance of syndicates during the exercise, particularly in relation to the exercise aim and objectives; and take immediate advantage of the experience gained and Lessons Identified/Learned. Additionally, the PXD is a good forum to review and revise a draft of the Final Exercise Report.

Under this scope, co-organizers (NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence and Joint Research Centre of the European Commission), the participating organizations, Exercise Control (EXCON) and Evaluation Group, presented their inputs concerning the planning and conduct of the exercise, which were identified and staffed during separate workshops for each syndicate.

At the end of the discussion, the DIREVAL (Naval Postgraduate School, US) presented the way ahead on the development of the Final Exercise Report. The report will be published by September 20, 2019.

Overall, the PXD was a very fruitful discussion, which was the best ending of a six month effort for planning and executing Coherent Resilience 2019.