NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

Delegation from the Embassy of the United States of America in Ukraine visited the NATO ENSEC COE

On the 19th of June the guests from U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, Mr. Andrew C. Whitley, Mr. Jacob E. Myers and Mr. Jacob A. Hedrick, visited the NATO ENSEC COE. The objective of the delegation was to gain a deeper knowledge of NATO activities in Lithuania and region’s energy security.

The delegation was welcomed by the NATO ENSEC COE Director, Colonel Romualdas PETKEVIČIUS. Director was supported by the Head of the Research and Lessons Learned Division Mr Reiner ZIMMERMANN and Subject Matter Expert Mr. Vytautas BUTRIMAS, which made a presentation to the guests about the main projects conducted by the Centre and elaborated about cyber threats to energy security. Mr. Vytautas BUTRIMAS also provided some insights about the energy infrastructure failures, like the recent power outage in Argentina and Uruguay. The guests were particularly interested in how exactly the NATO ENSEC COE is capable to contribute to the solutions of similar kind of disruptions and expertise on how to prevent such outages.

In the end of the visit the guests encouraged the Centre to keep up the good work and claimed to have gained new and valuable insights on energy security at large.