NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

Delegation from US Government visited the NATO ENSEC COE

On the 8th of October the NATO ENSEC COE was visited by the representatives from the US Government (Defence Department, Congressional Research Service, Global Engagement Center) and The Center for European Policy Analysis. The guests were met by the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence Deputy Director LTC Christophe NAVE. Later on Subject Matter Expert Dr. Tadas JAKŠTAS introduced guests with the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence, its mission, main activities and structure.

Dr. JAKŠTAS as an ENSEC energy expert gave two concrete examples of Baltic region energy policy, mainly focusing on the Synchronization with Continental European Network (CEN) project and development of gas market in the Baltic States. The main message was clear – even though energy was always a securitized topic in Lithuania (due to historical experiences), it managed together with the support from the EU, Poland and other Baltic states achieve significant progress in terms of diversifying energy supplies and demolishing monopolistic market structures. However, some challenges still remain as they can put the whole project of synchronization and development of competitive gas market at risk.

The guests were also interested in the possibility to expand US LNG exports in the region. Technically speaking, such option is viable, however, everything depends of the demand and gas market prices. Moreover, the role of Poland as an important actor for the development of an effective and efficient gas market in the region was extensively discussed.

At the end of the meeting, guests and experts discussed possible cooperation in the field of research, most urgent energy security challenges and possible repercussions on other sectors.