NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

NATO ENSEC COE at Israel's 15th International Energy and Business Convention

The International Energy and Business Convention was launched on 4-5th of December in Israel for the 15th time. The convention is meant to assemble representatives of the governmental and business sectors from Israel and from all around the world, to talk about the Energy Sector - its challenges and opportunities.

Colonel Gintaras Bagdonas, the director of the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence, is one of the speakers in the conference, presenting on security challenges of the sector. Together with him there are various presenters from the Israeli government, such as the Minister of the Energy and representatives from Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Environmental protection, as well as representatives and CEO of multiple businesses from the region and the world.

The main task of the recurring conferences is to bridge the gap between policy makers and energy sector actors to facilitate growth of the sector while keeping in line with local and international goals.