NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

NATO ENSEC COE delegation participated in the COE Marketplace at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels

A delegation from the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence, headed by Dr Reiner ZIMMERMANN, Head of the Research and Lessons Learnt Division, participated in the first ever „COE Marketplace“ organised at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

The COE Marketplace had the full support of NATO’s leadership and was officially opened by Ms. Rose Gottemoeller, NATO’s Deputy Secretary General. This year the event assembled delegations from all 25 NATO accredited Centres of Excellence. The marketplace is initially designed to provide the opportunity for different NATO’s CEOs to present their activities and highlight their valued expertise, to present added support to the NATO capabilities, and advice provided on most recent important topics. For this reason, during the marketplace the Head of the Research and Lessons Learnt Division, Dr. Reiner ZIMMERMANN, delivered a presentation introducing the main activities, tasks and main ongoing projects of the NATO ENSEC COE.

The event was very successful considering the active participation of CEOs and the support of NATO’s leadership. For this reason, the marketplace is expected to be developed and continued the next year.