NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

NATO ENSEC COE Director Colonel Romualdas Petkevičius gave a speech at the 12th Europe-Ukraine Forum

On 24-25th of January NATO ENSEC COE Director Colonel Romualdas Petkevičius took part in the 12th Europe-Ukraine Forum, conducted in Rzeszow, Poland. This Forum has been running since 2007, and is one of the key events prepared by the Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies. The main topic of the 12th Forum was the continuation of the reform and modernisation of Ukraine in the face of possible changes at the top of political power in Kiev as a result of the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for 2019.

Colonel Petkevičius gave a speech during the panel session “Nord Stream 2 and its Consequences for the Energy Policy of the Central and Eastern Europe”.

“Gazprom is a Russian foreign policy and pressure tool and should not be confused with a usual company focused on profit. The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is the most visible example of this. This project is considered as highly controversial in Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia, and is also criticized by the EU institutions. Despite these political protests, the work on the project is continuing. NATO and allied nations should understand that this project is already having an impact and will have a stronger influence on energy security in the near future.” said NATO ENSEC COE Director Colonel Romualdas Petkevičius.

More about the 12th Europe-Ukraine Forumhttp://www.forum-ekonomiczne.pl/12th-europe-ukraine-forum-24-25-january-2019-rzeszow/?lang=en