NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

NATO ENSEC COE experts delivered lectures at the Regional Energy Security Symposium - Caucasus

From 11th to 14th of August 2020, the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence representatives delivered lectures in the Regional Energy Security Symposium held by the ADA University Centre of Excellence in EU Studies, in collaboration with the Naval Postgraduate School’s Energy Academic Group, BP, State Oil Company of The Republic of Azerbaijan (SOCAR).

The symposium was organized to promote regional energy security, resiliency and to spread awareness to the pressing challenges on energy affairs. The aim was to encourage the development of a regional community of interest to energy security stakeholders, as well as enable regular interactions across organizations and throughout the region. Hence, the symposium’s program included high ranking officials, ambassadors, vice presidents of industry, and variety of subject matter experts from prestigious organizations in order to inspire active discussions with all participants. Therefore, through regional coordination and cooperation, interagency coordination, and public-private partnerships would enhance the strength of regional energy security and resilience.

Regional Energy Security Symposium’s attendees were welcomed by the brief introduction of NATO ENSEC COE’s Director Colonel Romualdas PETKEVIČIUS. Further, the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence was represented by the Subject Matter Expert Mr. Vytautas BUTRIMAS, who gave a speech on “The Cybersecurity Dimension of Critical (Energy) Infrastructure”. This introductory speech underlined the importance of improving safety, reliability and performance of industrial operations in an increasingly digital (electronic) and automated environment.

 “Technology at the same time is an enabler and a target” stated the expert. Such perspective indicated the benefit of technology application for supporting modern life needs, on the other hand, it outlined the probability of systems’ risks and threats.

Additionally, Subject Matter Expert Mr. Vytautas BUTRIMAS during his speech addressed the increasing need of cross-trained (IT/OT/E) cybersecurity specialists to strengthen sector’s security and resiliency. “IT security view is dominant and that is not acceptable, considering the progressive demand for cross-trained specialists, who could maintain their universal knowledge between sector’s spheres”.

The Regional Energy Security Symposium was a great opportunity to discuss important topics and questions concerning regional energy security, resiliency, and spread the awareness in order to communicate regularly within organizations and to promote cooperation.