NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

NATO ENSEC COE SME contributed to the development of guidance on Communications/Energy sectors’ interdependencies at a high-level Joint NATO IRCSG Workshop

On the 4th-6th of June NATO ENSEC COE Subject Matter Expert Dr Tadas Jakštas participated in a high-level Joint NATO IRCSG Workshop on “Communications Priority Access and Energy/Communications Interdependencies“ in Washington DC organised by NATO Operations Civil Preparedness Division and the U.S. Department of State.

The main purpose of the workshop was to address two major NATO civil preparedness deliverables tasked to IRCSG for 2018-2019, as outlined in the 2018 Report on the State of Civil Preparedness:  operational guidance for priority access and guidance on Communications/Energy interdependencies.

Together with a group of 30 experts from NATO, EU, national institutions, and the private sector – Dr Jakštas identified the scope of Alliance-wide guidance on Communications/Energy interdependencies, including generic best practices. The outputs of discussions will be reflected in the initial workshop report which will be presented to the NATO Civil Emergency Planning Committee (CEPC) in September 2018.

The next steps in the development of the guidance will include discussion of maturity models and the presentation of the workshop draft report at the CEPC plenary in October 2018.