NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

NATO ENSEC COE started Table Top Exercise “Coherent Resilience 2019”

NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence (ENSEC COE) in co-operation with Joint Research Centre (JRC) of European Commission is launching a training course TTX CORE19 which will be conducted at premises of Military Academy of Lithuania. More than 100 participants from over 15 different countries will participate in the event that is scheduled to last for three days.

The first day is reserved for academic seminars dealing with natural gas networks, EU regulation, public-private partnership, and cyber security issues with lecturers from EC, Austria, Baltic State national TSOs, Ukraine, and the US . During the next two days, decision makers and experts specialised in gas infrastructure and security will be discussing several crisis scenarios and brainstorming on possible solutions or mitigation actions.

The principal objective is to test the resiliency of the gas supply from a comprehensive approach and to come with suggestions on how to create a resilient and secure energy infrastructure in the Baltic Sea region. The project is also designed to strengthen cooperation among the EU countries at various operational levels (authorities, system operators) in order to avoid gas supply disruptions in the future.

The results of this three days thought-provoking meeting will be presented in the final conference on the 16th of May where the guests will summarise their observations and provide future recommendations.