NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

NATO ENSEC COE Subject Matter Expert presented a report at the NATO HQ

Subject Matter Expert (SME) Mr. Vytautas Butrimas of the NATO Energy Security COE completed a 2 year cyber risk study of the industrial control systems used in the NATO Central Europe Pipeline System. A 5000 km long cross border pipeline supplying aviation fuel to civilian and military airbases ( https://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/topics_49151.htm )

Site visits to the 4 national operators were conducted and reports with recommendations were submitted. SME Mr. Butrimas presented a summary of his comprehensive report and recommendations during a meeting at NATO Headquarters in Brussels on November 12th.

For questions contact Vytautas Butrimas at vytautas.butrimas@enseccoe.org


The NATO Central Europe Pipeline System programme manages the operation, financing and maintenance of an integrated, cross-border fuel pipeline and storage system in support of NATO's operational military requirements during peacetime, crisis and conflicts, including expeditionary operations.