NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

NATO ENSEC COE Subject Matter Expert Vytautas Butrimas presents study and facts about cyber threats to Critical Energy Infrastrucutre

NATO ENSEC COE proudly presents it's SME Mr. Vytautas Butrimas study done on cyber threats to critical energy infrastructure. This work is a result of analysis done throught the years and cobined with observations done while inspecting various important critical energy infrastructures throughout the world. Mr. Butrimas article will briefly review some past incidents that involved safety systems leading up to an analysis of the most recent incident of malware being used to intentionally disable a safety system in a petrochemical plant in 2017 and finish with recommendations and examples of lessons learned.

Link to download and read Mr. Vytautas Butrimas article: https://www.enseccoe.org/data/public/uploads/2018/10/v.butrimas-new-escalation-of-cyber-threats-to-critical-energy-infrastructure.pdf