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Poland’s Energy Diplomacy - The Antithesis to Antagonistic Global Energy Actors

In presenting Poland’s Energy Diplomacy strategy of energy diversification to drive energy prosperity and independence, this study additionally address the weaponization of energy trade or aggressive Energy Diplomacy to impose energy economic dominance. Given the lack of Poland’s domestic natural resources and production capacity, Russia stands as one of the main suppliers and this circumstance constitutes an energy dependency that threatens the country’s energy security and economic stability.

Faced with this controversial challenge in the global energy market, Poland has implemented a model of industrial infrastructure development, diversified suppliers and new energy alliances to reduce single-supplier dependence. The article outlines country’s Energy Diplomacy strategy following a Porter’s Diamond of national advantage, which takes into account factor conditions, demand conditions, supporting industries, and firm strategy to introduce a counterstrategy against Russia and China’s weaponization of energy diplomacy. It highlights the seriousness of the Polish government to minimize the influence of Russian influence in its market by developing innovative industrial policies, new industrial, transportation and storage infrastructures as well as seeking new energy alliances to reduce dependence. Therefore, study aims to assess how Poland’s Energy Diplomacy focused on energy diversification and innovation which can result in liberation from unwanted energy dependency.

Based on the analysis of this article, there are some conclusions: the Polish energy market’s dependency on Russian energy resources indicates various energy security and economic stability threats and the development of national economic resiliency based on legal regulations, infrastructure development, and alliances contracts for the supply of natural resources is highly important, considering these circumstances.

Read the article: https://www.enseccoe.org/data/public/uploads/2020/08/nato-ensec-coe-oh-15-polands-energy-diplomacy.pdf