NATO ENERGY SECURITY Center of Excellence

Representatives from ENSEC COE participated in Defence Future Operational Energy Conference

From 2nd to 3rd of March 2023, NATO ENSEC COE has been requested to perform a lecture during the Defence Future Operational Energy Conference. This event took place in Worthy Down (close to Winchester/Hampshire/UK) in the premises of the Logistics Defence College.

The aim of the conference was to bring together decision-makers and operators from across the UK MOD, with representatives from industry, cross-Government, academia and international partners.

The main partners who performed lectures where NATO members, or organization and PFps: USA, France, NATO ENSEC COE and Australia.

It had been also an opportunity for collaboration, networking (performed by COL Thierry SEGARD and LTC Massimo DACHILLE) and open discussion during the conference.

LTC Massimo DACHILLE made a brief and efficient presentation of the COE and mainly focused its speech about the Operational energy Concept for NATO which is still under process (next working team will take place at the end of April in Lisbon with 16 NATO organizations and roughly 40 participants).

The collaboration of the NATO ENSEC COE during this conference has been highly appreciated by British MOD and industrial partners. This presentation confirmed that a NATO Operational Energy concept is fully relevant and really necessary to achieve interoperability between all the NATO members who are designing their own OE Concept or have the intent to create it in a short time.